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Installing, upgrading, and activating Winshuttle Workflow 10.8 and later

  1. Review system and account requirements
    Make sure you meet system requirements and know the types of accounts and permissions you will need for a successful installation.
  2. Install Workflow 10.8 (and later) - new installation
    Install the Winshuttle Workflow 10.8 and configure SVService as a scheduled task.
  3. Configure SVService
    Configure and schedule a task for the Workflow Front End (WFE) server to activate SVService processes.
  4. Configure Winshuttle Workflow Central Administration
    Setup the Winshuttle Central Administration site for the first time.
  5. Activate the Workflow License
    Activate (or update) the workflow license.
  6. Creating the Winshuttle Workflow site
    Create your Winshuttle workflow site and configure the template.
  7. Installing and activating the Winshuttle History Viewer
    Install and activate the Winshuttle History Viewer so you can read Workflow history files.

Recommendation: Use a development server

To minimize the risk of disruption and data loss, Winshuttle strongly recommend installing SharePoint and Winshuttle Workflow on a development (i.e. non-production) server first. Because the development server simulates a server in a real work environment (but operates in isolation), you can create, test, and refine your processes before moving them onto a production server. When you are ready to move to the production server, specify the URL of the production server within Winshuttle Workflow, and publish your workflows and/or forms to that server.