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Winshuttle Foundation settings—Backup

Use the Backup page to create and schedule a backup for selected items (connections, policies, data files, etc.) for your Winshuttle Foundation server.

  1. Next to Backup Name, type a name for the backup job.
  2. Next to Backup location, type the path to the location for the backup. For example: \\servername\folder

  3. Under Select Items, select one or more check boxes next to the items you want to backup. Or, you can click All to select all items.

  4. Next to Schedule, select the frequency for the backup operation (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or One Time).
  5. (Optional): If you selected One Time in step 4 the Select day field displays. Type a date (DD/MM/YYYY) or click the Calendar icon to select a date from the calendar.

  6. Next to Start Time, select a start time from the menu.
  7. Click Schedule Backup.