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Winshuttle Central Site menu overview

Use the Site menu to do things such as

  • Manage and change LDAP connections.
  • Create, configure, and manage email templates, workflow configurations, and more.
  • Activate and manage licenses.

Site Menu overview

Manage LDAPConnection Manage LDAP connections and configuration
Log Settings View or change log settings.
Manage Application Settings Establish which options Winshuttle Central users can control.
Manage Master Pages Manage or modify master pages.
Email Templates Manage email templates
Backup and Restore Back up and restore options.
Database Connection Create or change database connections.
Workflow Configurations Review or change workflow configuration for the site.
Activate licenses Activate licenses
Manage Licenses Manage licenses for all Winshuttle products used in your company.
Manage SAP Credentials View a list of users who have saved their SAP credentials, which includes username, SAP system, and Client infomation.
Manage Scheduled Jobs View or change scheduled jobs.
Scheduled Job History View a history of scheduled jobs.