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  • Winshuttle Foundation

Creating a sub-process (loop) in a workflow

Loop Node image To create a sub-process inside a workflow, you can insert a Loop node (also called a Loop Block).

  1. Click the Workflow Tab.
  2. Click Loop Block.
    Winshuttle Composer Workflow Tab image

    New Loop Wizard image
  3. Draw the Loop node in a Swimlane.
  4. In the New Loop Wizard, select the following:
  • Name: Type a name for the Loop. This name automatically appears as a new Workflow tab in the Composer Canvas.
  • Approval Type: Click the arrow and then select None, Sequential Approval, or Parallel Approval (whichever is appropriate to your workflow).
  • Approver Swim Lanes: Click in the empty field to add one or more approval Swim Lanes. (Note: This field is available only if either Sequential or Parallel Approval is selected under Approval Type.)
  • Reject to Swim Lane: Click in the empty field to add one or more Swim Lanes that the workflow will be rejected to.

Adding a loop with the New Loop Wizard example screen

For a more in-depth example of a Loop, see step 5-1:Add approval and revision workflow loop of the Composer tutorial: Creating your own vendor master solution.

Advanced loop configuration

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After a basic Loop node has been inserted, you will need to configure it in the Properties pane.

  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. In the Canvas, click the Loop node tab (see example below).

  3. Add any transitions required between the nodes in your loop.
  4. Start the loop workflow in the SAME Swim Lane as the workflow in the main canvas.
  5. Click Save.


  • When the subprocess ends, the workflow will continue.
  • Each node of the entire workflow must have a unique name.
  • You can create multiple subprocesses for a workflow.
  • Each subprocess will have its own tab in the canvas.