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Winshuttle Central Site Menu: Manage SAP Credentials

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For autologon in scheduling and autopost, users can save their SAP credentials to Winshuttle Central. Winshuttle Central uses Windows domain login information to access SAP. The data is saved through AES-128-bit encryption.

Note: See How Winshuttle Foundation encrypts and stores SAP Credentials for information on how Winshuttle Foundation (Winshuttle Central / User Governance) encrypts, stores, and accesses stored SAP credentials.

The Winshuttle Central or User Governance administrator can see a list of users who have saved their SAP credentials, which includes the following information:

  • User name
  • SAP system
  • Client

Saving SAP credentials to Winshuttle Central

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Winshuttle Central users can save their SAP credentials for auto-logon and auto-post in scheduling. Central uses Windows domain log in information to access SAP. The log in data is saved by using the Microsoft .NET Framework DESCryptoServiceProvider class, which supports a key length of 64 bits.

  1. On the Winshuttle CENTRAL Administration page, under Site Administration, click Manage SAP Credentials.
  2. From the list, select the SAP server.

  3. Add your user name, password, and the language you will work in.
  4. Click Save.

    Note: it is important to confirm your SAP user name and password to avoid delays at run time. To check your credentials, open the SAP GUI or the ALF Management window in the Transaction or Query clients.

Deleting credentials

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On the Manage SAP Credentials page, click Delete next to the credentials that you want to delete.

Note that an administrator cannot see the credentials, but can delete the saved information from the CENTRAL site.

Editing credentials

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As a user, you can edit your own credentials. Click Edit next to your credentials.

Winshuttle Central Encryption

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Winshuttle Central provides command and control capability for users of Winshuttle Transaction, Query and Foundation. A fundamental capability is managing security surrounding user log in, saving, deleting and editing SAP credentials.

Messaging Encryption

The management and execution of scheduled jobs for auto-run or auto-logon scripts happens on Winshuttle Server. All communication between Central and Winshuttle server is encrypted using SSL, provided an SSL certificate has been installed.