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  • Winshuttle Foundation

Participant resolvers reference guide

Participant resolvers are swim lane properties that define how swimlanes assign an activity node or approval nodes.

  • The Participant Resolver property describes where to find assignees, such as in a SharePoint List or Active Directory Group.
  • Participant Resolver Arguments define how to find assignees. For example, you can specify an assignee that is a single person, or a person from a team, or a person based upon their role in an organization.

Changing Participant Resolvers

  1. Open Composer.
  2. Click the Workflow tab.
  3. Click on the swim lane.
  4. In the Properties Pane, edit the Participant Resolver properties.

Participant resolvers are validated by Winshuttle Workflow whenever a form or task is launched. If a user cannot be assigned an error will be displayed stating that no participant could be found.



Workflow version

ADGroup Targets an Active Directory Security Group to find assignees. 10.7 and later
ADO Net Query Uses ADO.NET connection strings to find assignees in XML or databases. Allows specifying a custom-built DLL for assignee selection. 10.5+
Custom Create a custom participant resolver configuration to set the participants in a workflow Swim Lane. 10.5+
GetFromUserProfile Assigns users to a task within a workflow based on a column that exists within the user's SharePoint User Profile Settings. 10.5+
LDAP Query Queries your Active Directory structure to select task participants. 10.5+
ODBC Query Uses an ODBC query to select a task participant. 10.5+
Random from Role Selects a task participant from the SharePoint group property associated with the swim lane.

Beginning with version 10.7, this participant resolver also filters the least busy person within the group based on the number of task assignments among all versions of the specific process. If more than one user is selected, it will then select randomly from those users.
Select From Role The default setting for selecting workflow participants when a process is started. This setting provides a user interface control for each swim lane and allows you to select the workflow participants for each swim lane. 10.5+
SharePointColumn Uses a column on the form list on your SharePoint form site to assign tasks. This column can be promoted from the form to a SharePoint site, or manually created and maintained on your SharePoint site depending on your business requirements. 10.5+
SharePoint List Query Uses a specified custom SharePoint list to extract assignees based on a query. The query can use static or dynamic values based on form fields. This is useful for dynamic assignment where the assignees may differ based on the form input. 10.5+
Site Group Driven Targets a single SharePoint group on the SharePoint Winshuttle forms site and can be used to select from the group’s members or assign to all group members. 10.5+
Web Service Uses a custom-built non-Winshuttle web service to find assignees. 10.5+

Deprecated resolvers

Dynamic Web Service NOTE: This is deprecated. It only applies to older 10.x DocEx site templates, and not forms. 11.x
Dynamic SharePoint List Uses a SharePoint List to dynamically select a user for an assignment.
NOTE: This is deprecated. It only applies to older 10.x DocEx site templates, and not forms.