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Winshuttle Foundation menu and home page overview

The following table briefly describes the menu options for the Winshuttle Foundation home page.

Foundation menu overview

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Menu item



The home page displays an overview of current licenses, tasks, scripts, and more. You can also view reports from the main page.


Review and manage scripts, files, and solutions. Also view version history, review and download related documents, and more.


Manage user accounts. You can add user accounts manually or import lists of users from a .CSV file or through Active Directory.


Activate licenses, change license assignments, disassociate server licenses, etc.


Edit database connections, set Developer Proficiency Levels, View System Usage level, manage Email templates, and more.


Configure, create, and view a variety of reports, including dashboards, usage reports, audit reports, and more.


Review, complete, and interact with forms, processes, workflows, and tasks. You can also launch Winshuttle Composer from this menu.

Winshuttle Foundation home page overview

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The Winshuttle Foundation home page provides various dashboards for accessing information. You can also click Always Show to open a Reports pane to quickly view a variety of graphical reports (the same ones shown on the Reports page).

By default, Standard License Users will see the Forms and Tasks widgets. You can click Add Widget at the bottom of the page to add more widgets, or close a widget to dismiss it from the dashboard.

My Favorite Forms

Any forms marked as favorites are listed here. Click a form to open it.

My Licenses

This dashboard shows your assigned licenses.

My Tasks

  • Click a task to interact with a task.
  • Click View All Tasks to go to the Tasks page.

Server Processes

View information about jobs submitted to Winshuttle Server for processing.
Server processes

My Scripts

  • Click a script file to download it.
  • Click View All Scripts to open the Scripts file library.

Foundation 11 Scripts

My Data Files

  • Click a file to open or download it.
  • Click View All Data Files to open the Data File library.

Foundation v11 Data Files