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Connecting a client application to the LMS

After you have successfully installed the Winshuttle LMS (License Management System) and have assigned licenses, you can then connect a client application such as Winshuttle Transaction.

  1. Launch the client (for example, Winshuttle Transaction).
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Select Winshuttle License Management, and then click Next.

  4. On the License Management Screen:
    • Winshuttle License Management URL: Enter the LMS site URL.

    Note: If a Site Port was specified during installation, be sure to use the same port here. For example:

    • Credentials: Select Default Windows Credentials or User Credentials. If you select User Credentials, provide the user name and password for the user who has the product license assigned.

  5. Click OK.

Upon successful authentication, the user will be successfully logged into the client and connected.

Usage logs can viewed under Reports.