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Assigning Winshuttle Central site/license administrators

Use the Winshuttle Central Administration Role Assignment page to designate a Winshuttle Central site and/or License Administrator. (Note: This must be done by the Site creator.)

  • The Winshuttle Central siteadministrator determines Winshuttle product usage policies.
  • The Winshuttle Central license administrator assigns licenses for Winshuttle products.

Assigning Winshuttle Central site or license administrators

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  1. Open your Winshuttle Central page.
  2. In the left-hand link column, click People and Groups.

  3. In the Groups column, click CENTRAL License Administrators or CENTRAL Site Administrators.

  4. One the menu bar, click New, and then click Add Users.
  5. On the Add users: CENTRAL page, in the Users/Groups box, type a name.
  6. Click Check Names to verify, or click Address Book to locate a name.
  7. Click OK.