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Winshuttle Foundation 11.x — SAP Integration Server 11.x release notes

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Winshuttle SAP Integration Server 11.2.1 release notes

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Release: May 2017


  • Workflow: 11.2.1
  • Foundation: 11.2.1
  • Composer: 11.2.1
  • LMS:  11.2.1

Upgrade Paths

  • 11.1.1
  • 11.2.0


  • Fixed an issue where a Field Hiding Rule was not working.
  • Fixed an issue with encryption in a web service header that caused an error running an SAP script on a form.

Known Issues

  • An error occurs uninstalling SAPIS after an upgrade if the Service bus was installed to a custom location.
  • If the Server-worker is running and you run the 11.2.1 installer, an error occurs.
  • Cancelling a SAPIS upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2.1 and then clicking Finish crashes the installer.

SAP Integration Server 11.2.0 release notes

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Release: 1-30-2017


  • Workflow 11.2.0 / 11.2.5
  • User Governance 11.2.0 / 11.2.5
  • License Management System 11.2.0 / 11.2.5
  • Composer 11.2.0 / 11.2.5

Upgrade paths

SAPIS 11.1.1 can be directly upgraded to SAPIS 11.2.0. For customers using a 10.x version of Server, upgrading is a two-step process:

  1. Upgrade the older 10.x Server version to SAPIS 11.1.1
  2. Upgrade SAPIS 11.1.1 to SAP Integration Server 11.2.0

Issues fixed and improvements

  • Support non-English locales on SAPIS: If a date field is present in an excel file being run on SAPIS, it is rendered according to the regional settings of the SAPIS and passes that to SAP for posting. End users (originator/reviewer) will continue seeing dates according to their local machine formats. (Note that the SAP account of the user should be set up to match the regional settings on the SAPIS.)
  • Added capability in the SAPIS admin utility to delete the defunct worker

SAP Integration Server 11.1.1 release notes

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Release: 9-30-2016


Foundation SAP Integration Server 11.1.1 is compatible with following Foundation modules:

  • Workflow 11.1.1
  • User Governance 11.1.1
  • License Management System 11.1.1
  • Composer 11.1.1

Upgrade Paths

  • Winshuttle Server 10.7 Hotfix 2 can be directly upgraded to Foundation User Governance 11.1.1.
  • Versions prior to Winshuttle Server 10.7 Hotfix 2 must be first upgraded to Server10.7 Hotfix 2, and then upgraded to SAP Integration Server 11.1.1

New features in version 11.1.1

  • Integrated Installer: A single installer now installs all modules (Manager, Worker, Worker (Launch GUI) and the Service Bus (i.e. Erlang OTP/Rabbot MQ)
  • SAP Integration Server Management Cockpit: New pages are available on the User Governance site visible to admin users for tracking Server infrafrastructure (Managers, Workers and Queues) and tasks .
  • Ability to stop tasks running on the SAP Integration Server
  • Unified configuration and Data Migration Utility
  • Support for SQLite and SQL server for Worker database.
  • Centralized database configuration and improved configuration for network load-balanced environments.
  • The Form Worker for Launch GUI is now a windows service instead of an executable.
  • Implemented checks to avoid double posting of data to SAP.
  • Ability to overwrite published web services

Known Issues

  • SAP GUI Scripting has been deprecated in version v11.1 but is still available in Winshuttle Studio.
  • Consider using Launch GUI, which runs as Window service and runs batch or non-batch mode scripts where the SAP GUI can be hidden from foreground view. Launch GUI launches and remains active till the time the script executes.

  • Localization: SAPIS version 11.1.x supports only English locale
  • Installer: Uninstall and repair works on all installed components (like Manager, Worker, Queue), but the option to repair/uninstall these components individually is not available.
  • Installer: The Back and Next buttons on the installer can be slow to respond
  • Installer: Running the installer repeatedly without breaks can generate an 'Error 1628'. Workaround: Wait for a few seconds and then run the installer again.
  • Upgrade: Recurring scheduled jobs of Query version 10.x scripts with output to SharePoint lists fail when run after upgrading. Workaround: Rescheduling the scripts resolves the issue.
  • CPU consumption of RabbitMQ is currently not displayed on the SAPIS-Infrastructure page
  • A linked Transaction script that is corrupt will cause the following error “Data at Root Level 1 Invalid”
  • Abort button on SAP Integration Server – Tasks page does not stop scripts with outputting to SharePoint lists, but the job is displayed as “Completed with error”.
  • Multi-table Query scripts do not run with standard function module. Workaround: Installing Winshuttle Function Module solves this issue.

Winshuttle SAP Integration Server 11.1.0 release notes

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New features

  • Snapshot of infrastructure of SAP Integration Server with current status of Managers, Workers, Queues
  • One page view of what’s currently being executed on SAPIS
  • Task tracking from the Manage Scheduled Jobs page
  • Ability to stop jobs

Installation and Administration

  • Integrated Installer includes Manager, Worker, Erlang and RabbitMQ in a single package
  • LaunchGUI as a windows service (Worker) instead of an executable
  • Single utility for configuration and data migration
  • Centralised configuration of all Managers via a single configuration stored in database
  • Support for SQL database for Worker

Job execution

  • Asynchronous request processing in FormWorker
  • Support for F4 in all SAP server sign-on modes
  • Stop functionality for tasks being processed at Server
  • Checks to avoid double posting data to SAP
  • Support for System Account credentials for recurring Query jobs
  • Ability to overwrite published web-services
  • Validate data before posting to SAP