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Applies to:

  • Winshuttle Foundation

Working with Winshuttle Workflow licenses

Use the Licenses page to:

  • View, delete, or add licenses for all Workflow front-ends.
  • View or copy license keys to the clipboard

  • Hostname: The name of the licensed server.
  • Company: The company to which the licenses are assigned.
  • Process: The number of processes allowed by the license for that installation.
  • Expiry Date: Expiration date for the license
  • Environment: The environment for the license, i.e. development, staging, production, etc.
  • Key: Click a key (#####) to view the license key, and/or copy the license key to the clipboard.

Adding a license key

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In the New license number field, type or paste a license key, and then click Add.

Deleting a license key

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In the license table, click to delete a license key.