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Winshuttle Central Query menu: Query Developer Scenarios

Use the Query Developer Scenarios page to configure user access to Data Dictionaries.

Each user can maintain his or her own data dictionary. Or, you can provide one data dictionary for all users that only a data dictionary administrator can add tables to.

By default, each user has his or her own local data dictionary. The centralized data dictionary must be specifically enabled. With a centralized dictionary, users can still assign favorites from the existing tables, but these local favorites are not written to the server.

A data dictionary administrator can create or edit a dictionary and upload it to the CENTRAL SharePoint site. An administrator can edit a local copy or download the latest copy from the server. Administrators can search for and add tables within both the Winshuttle data dictionary and the SAP data dictionary.

To apply a centralized data dictionary, you must have the data dictionary administrator role. The data dictionary administrator is assigned on the Roles page. You must already have a developer role before you are assigned the data dictionary administrator role.

Assigning the data dictionary administrator role

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  1. From the CENTRAL Administration page, under QUERY, click QUERY Developer Scenarios.
  2. Click Data Dictionary Administrator.
  3. Click Update.