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  • Winshuttle Foundation

Working with Winshuttle Workflow processes

Process menu topics

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Use the Process Control page to:

  • Review running and completed processes.
  • Cancel, reject, or approve running processes
  • Export a list of processes to a .CSV file.

Review running or completed processes

  1. Under Server, select the SharePoint server you wish to review from the drop down list.
  2. Under Site, select the SharePoint site with processes you wish to review from the drop down list.
  3. Under Status, select the type of process status (Running or Completed) you wish to review.
  4. Under Definition, select the workflow/process name from the menu.
  5. Under Process Name Contains, enter any search criteria or additional filtering options.
  6. Under Doc/Form, select the name of the form or document list associated with the related processes.
  7. Under Originator, select the account name of the originator (domain/username) for the process.
  8. [Optional] Under Period, select Specify Date, and then type a Start Date and End Date.
  9. (Optional): Under Overdue, select the processes that is past its due date for completion.

    NOTE: The Overdue menu will only be available if there are processes overdue for completion, and it can be used to filter overdue processes. It will be grayed out otherwise.

  10. Click Search to review results.

Cancel, Reject, or Approve running processes

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  1. In the Process Control search results, select a process.
  2. (Optional): In the Comments field, type comments regarding the cancelation/rejection/approval.
  3. Click Cancel to cancel the process, Reject to reject the process, or Approve to approve the process.