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Configuring SAP SSO (Single Sign On) for Winshuttle Server 10.x

Winshuttle Server Workers connect with SAP to upload and download data. Winshuttle Workers support SAP SSO (Single Sign On) logon when using published Transaction and Query web services from Winshuttle Forms or any other web service client. You do not need to configure SAP SSO if you are not planning to use published web service in Winshuttle Server.


  • SAP SSO logon is not supported for the Autopost functionality of Winshuttle Transaction or the ‘Run Later (Server)’ option for both Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query.
  • Full Kerberos SSO is not supported end to end and that windows credentials are needed.
  • Winshuttle FormWorker does not support SSO logon to SAP in version 10.5/10.6.