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Reporting APIs - Overview

Foundation provides the following REST APIs to help you create dashboards to be able to view Process, User, and Business data for NPI and other Master data processes:

  • Assignment API
  • Form Metadata API
  • Forms Data API
  • Processes API
  • Solution Name Dimension API
  • Users API

These REST APIs can be implemented using .Net Framework, ASP.NET, and Web API.

Reporting Database

The reporting APIs access the Reporting database.


<<LMS host site url>>/dwapi/<<api version>>/<<resource name>>

You can view the LMS host site URL on the Foundation home page under the Licensing Service pane. Go to Settings > Foundation Setup.

For example - The URL for processes is:


  • http://aaa-en-bbb1:8080 - LMS Host Site URL
  • /dwapi - Reporting API access endpoint
  • /v1- Current version of the API
  • /processes - Name of the resource to query

Note: To browse the API URLs you must replace the <Deny Users/> tag with <allow users="domain/username"/> tag in the DWAPI web config file. This file can be found under the LMS installation directory in the DWAPI folder.

HTTP Method

GET - This method provides a read only access to a resource.

Supported OData Query Parameters

  • $select - Specifies the set of structural properties to include in a response.
  • $filter - Filters the set of items returned.
  • $orderby - Specifies the order in which items are returned from the API.
  • $top - Limits the number of items returned from a collection. It should be a non-negative integer value.
  • $skip - Excludes the first n items of the queried collection from the result set, where n is specified with $skip and a non-negative integer value.

Also, all APIs support filter, sort, pagination on the reporting data which is implemented using OData-v4 Endpoint .net library provided by Microsoft.