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Working with workflows

In this section you'll learn how to navigate and use the Winshuttle Composer Workflow creator.

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Video: Composer workflow basics

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Watch the video below to learn how to:

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Winshuttle Composer Workflow tab overview

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To get started creating a workflow, click the Workflow tab.

On the Workflow tab, you can start creating your workflow quickly and easily:

  • Add nodes: On the ribbon, click a node (Start, End, Activity, etc.), and then draw the node in a Swim Lane. See Working with Nodes and Workflow Nodes (A-Z) for more information.
  • Add Swim Lanes: On the ribbon, click Add Swim Lane to add a new Swim Lane to the workflow. See Working with Swim Lanes for more information.
  • Add Transitions: Click the center of a node, and then drag a transition between nodes. See Working with Transitions for more information.
  • Edit Properties: Properties for the currently selected item (a node, for example) are displayed in the Properties Pane.

    Note: If nothing is selected in the Workflow, the Properties Pane will display the general properties for the workflow. You can set options such as Assignment Message, Assignment by Email, and others in the Properties Pane.

See below for information about editing general Workflow preferences and defaults.

Overview of a Composer Workflow

Setting workflow preferences

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Workflow preferences enable you to change the size (in pixels) for your Workflow canvas, nodes, and other elements of your workflow.

To set your workflow preferences:

  1. Click , and then click Preferences.
  2. Click the Workflow tab.

You can set the following preferences for working with workflows:

  • Canvas width (pixels)
  • Canvas height (pixels)
  • Grid width (pixels)
  • Grid height (pixels)
  • Default node width (pixels)
  • Default node height (pixels)
  • Default Swim Lane height (pixels)