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Applies to:

  • Winshuttle Foundation

Working with expressions

The Expression Editor (Edit Condition box) is used for editing expressions within the Workflow.

To open it, click the Options button [...] for any of the following Workflow properties:

  • Description
  • Condition (for Transitions and Loops)
  • Set Values
  • Allow Override Duration

Using the Expression Editor

The buttons (Field Value, Operator, Function, and Node) are shortcuts for entering tokens or functions based on the current contents of the workflow definition and form.

  • Field Value: Inserts a token (a placeholder or variable for a piece of information) into the expression editor for either a Reserved Token, Form field, or a SharePoint column.
  • Operator: Inserts an operator into the expression. See the Transitional relational operators table
  • Function: Inserts a function into the expression. See the Transition functions table for a description of each function and some examples.
  • Node: Inserts an Approval node name into the expression editor - for use in conjunction with one of the functions such as 'Approved()' or 'Rejected()'