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Winshuttle Workflow 10.5-10.7 FAQ

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Where is the SAP web service control in InfoPath?

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In some instances the SAP Web Service control becomes disabled in InfoPath. This can happen when the .Net Programmability support feature in the Office suite becomes disabled. Disabling can happen when a change is triggered by a Microsoft update or patch, or the upgrade or repair of the Office suite or user edits to the configuration of the Office suite.

Note: Winshuttle Workflow 10.5 and earlier only support the 32-bit version of InfoPath 2007 and 2010.

The symptoms of a disabled SAP Web Service control are:

  • When the control is added to the form, its icon is compact, and only the image is outlined without including the extra space to the right of it.
  • The control properties do not appear on the SAP Web Services tab.

To ensure that the SAP Web Service control appears:

  1. Uninstall the InfoPath Designer.
  2. In Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Scroll to the Office listing, right-click it and click Change.

    The Microsoft Office Installer window appears.

  4. Select the Add or remove features option and click Continue.
  5. Expand the Microsoft InfoPath Listing to display .Net Programmability support. In the Options menu, select Run from my Computer.
  6. Reinstall the InfoPath Designer.

How do I zero-pad a field in Infopath?

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Sometimes it may be necessary to zero pad fields to get the correct upload and download results. However, InfoPath does not have an option to pad. To overcome this limitation, you can create a JavaScript to insert zeros, which you then publish with the InfoPath form. Use the instructions at the top of the following script to create your own script.


* This file contains a function for padding a field with leading zeroes.

* It must be customized before it can be used, see the section below labeled:


* For each field you want to pad there should be an 'if' block that matches

* the field name. When a match is found a call to myZeroPadField is made with the

* second parameter indicating the final length of the padded string.



function SVFormXmlNodeChanged(theXmlNode, theChangedFormElementId)


if (theXmlNode != null)


var theXPath = "//*[@SVFormElementId='" + theChangedFormElementId + "']";

var theChangedNode = theXmlNode.selectSingleNode(theXPath);

var theChangedNodeName = theChangedNode.getNodeName();


if (theChangedNodeName == "my:field1")


myZeroPadField(theChangedNode, 10)


else if (theChangedNodeName == "my:field2")


myZeroPadField(theChangedNode, 5)





function myZeroPad(number, length)


var str = '' + number;

while (str.length < length)


str = '0' + str;


return str;


function myZeroPadField(theXmlNode, FinalSize)


var theOldText = theXmlNode.getValue();

if (theOldText != "")


var theNewText = myZeroPad(theOldText, FinalSize);

if (theNewText != theOldText)







How do I prevent multiple callbacks?

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Winshuttle Workflow can add multiple callbacks to a file received in a queue, if the file remains in the Data Files document library, even after its callback is received from Winshuttle Server. If you use CENTRAL to move completed files to another list library but again select "Data File" as the target library, repeated callbacks occur. This is because after CENTRAL gets the autoposted file response from Winshuttle Server, it renames the file and moves it back to "Data File" library. After this, Workflow checks the status based upon the file name and posts it again.

File renaming from Workflow resolves the problem.

Where is the error 500.24- Internal Server Error coming from?

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If you receive an error message about Workflow Central Administration, try running Central Administration in Classic .NET App Pool.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Under Connections, click Workflow CENTRAL Administration.
  3. Under Manage Web Site, click Advanced Settings.
  4. Click Behavior. In the Application pool box, select Classic.NET AppPool. Click OK.

Why can't I run SVADM or SVSERVICE commands after installation?

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If you change the 'Alternate Access Mapping' in SharePoint *after* installing Workflow, you will get an error.

You must replace the 'LocalURL' key value in the SVConfiguration\Sharevis.config file with the alternate access mapping URL in SharePoint.

Why isn't Internet Explorer 10 displaying my forms correctly?

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If you have difficulty viewing a form in Internet Explorer 10 (either through the Internet or an Intranet), try using Internet Explorer 10's Compatibility View to correct the problem.

This can occur if, for example, you are using IE10 to access a 2010 SharePoint Site, or a 2013 SharePoint site with 2010 Experience enabled.

To enable Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View

  1. In Internet Explorer 10, press ALT+T to open the Tools menu.
  2. Click Compatibility Viewin the menu (or press the V key on the keyboard) to activate Compatibility View.

You can also click the Compatibility View icon (see below) in the Internet Explorer address bar to enable/disable Compatibility View.

IE 10 Compat mode NOT active complete address bar_with circle

IE 10 Compat mode active compatibility mode active

IE 10 Compat mode NOT activecompatibility mode inactive

In addition, you can also further customize which sites you view in Compatibility View. To do this, do the following:

  1. In Internet Explorer 10, press ALT+T to open the Tools menu.
  2. Click Compatibility View Settings.
  3. Under Add this Website, type the name of any Web sites (Internet or Intranet) that you want Internet Explorer 10 to automatically display in Compatibility View.
  4. Click Add to add the Web site.
  5. Click Close.

If you don't want to add specific websites or maintain a list of them, you can select either of the of the following options:

  • Display all websites in Compatibility view
  • Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View

IE10 compat view settings

After changing Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint after installing Workflow, I get an error when I run Svadm or Svservice commands.

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Replace the 'LocalUrl' key value in the SVConfigurator/Sharevis.config file with the alternate access mapping URL. This change needs to be done on every machine where sharevis is installed.

  1. In the <drive>\Program Files\ShareVis\Bin folder, double-click the SVConfigurator.exe file to run the SVConfigurator.

  2. In the LocalURL field, change the URL value for the svconfigurator utility with the alternate access mapping URL.


Why am I getting the error -401.1 Unable to authenticate to new AAM site?

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This can occur after configuring local alternate access mappings in your local SharePoint workspace.

If you are unable to connect to the newly created site through the AAM (Alternate Access Mapping) URL (i.e. http://spf-nlb.wse.wsmain.local/),do the following:

Create a DWORD registry key called "DisableLoopbackCheck" with a value of "1″ in the following Registry section:


This will allow you to create AAMs based on host names to the local server.

I'm having problems with Internet Explorer 11

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Internet Explorer 11 is not fully supported at this time, and you may experience issues using it. Some known examples include:

  • Unable to add a web part by clicking on "Edit Page" in formex and docex.
  • Unable to add a web part by clicking on "Edit Page" in Central.