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Winshuttle Foundation settings and options

The Settings page contains links to various Foundation configuration settings. Click a link for more information.

Personal Settings

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Manage (SAP) Credentials Add, manage, or change your SAP credentials. Foundation on-premise
My Settings Edit personal information, contact information, and review the following settings assigned to your account: licenses, roles, policies and SAP credentials. Foundation on-premise

Server Settings/Connections

Reporting Data Warehouse Users are able to extract data using reporting APIs and may build their own dashboards. Foundation on-premise
Database Connection Review and change the Winshuttle Foundation database connection. You can also change the authentication type and test the connection. Foundation on-premise
Logs and Reports Settings Change the logging level for the site (Nothing, Errors Only, Everything), export the log, and/or clear the log from this page.

The default logging level is Errors Only.

Foundation on-premise
SAP Application Servers Add/manage SAP application servers for Winshuttle Transaction/Query/etc. Foundation on-premise
Foundation Setup Edit the licensing service URL, manage the Foundation License Assignment settings, and/or edit the Winshuttle Administrator account list. Foundation on-premise
Workflow Configuration View, add, or change Workflow configuration keys. (This option serves the same function as the Workflow Administration setting in Foundation on-premise.) Foundation on-premise


Foundation on-premise
Authorization Fields Review, edit, add, and/or delete authorization fields from this page. Foundation on-premise
Client Features Specify whether the following are controlled by the client or the server, as well as default values for the following: Backup SAP data, Run Not Posted, Enable Production Server Warning on Run. Foundation on-premise
Developer Proficiency Level Specify developer proficiency levels on this page. Foundation on-premise
Policies Create, edit, and manage Winshuttle Foundation Policies. Foundation on-premise
Preferences Specify a variety of Transaction, Query, and Foundation preferences from this page, such as when to move data files, whether or not to allow publishing from the desktop, and additional, general preferences. Examples include whether or not to enable item-level permissions, whether or not to require a reason for running transaction scripts, and more. Foundation on-premise
System Usage Level Change system usage level settings and specify the number of seconds for timeout periods. Foundation on-premise


Company Logo Upload a file (.JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF) to use for your company logo. Maximum size is 500KB. Foundation on-premise
Email Templates Use a simple browser-based editor to edit the content and formatting of automated email messages (such as AutoPostFailed, AutopostSuccessful, and other automated messages). Foundation on-premise
Backup Create and schedule a backup for selected items (connections, policies, data files, etc.) for your Winshuttle server. Foundation on-premise
Restore Restore a backup from the location you specify. Foundation on-premise
Manage Scheduled Jobs View the status (Completed, Error, etc.) of scheduled jobs and (if necessary) delete them. Foundation on-premise
Department/Job Title Add and remove Department Titles and Job Titles that are used to define users for the Site. Foundation on-premise
Feature Settings Use the Feature Settings page to change the following: Autorun Timer Job settings: Auto-Run Queue MaxLength, Timer Job Interval (Minutes), Duration between Retries (Minutes), and Auto-Run Timer Max Retries. Foundation on-premise
SAP Integration Server Infrastructure Click to get an overview of your SAP Integration Server Infrastructure, including your Winshuttle Server Managers, Workers, and Queues and the status of each (idle, running, paused, etc.) Foundation on-premise
SAP Integration Server Tasks Click to search and view the status of all of your organization's Winshuttle Server tasks, including associated scripts, related data files, and more for each task. Foundation on-premise
Workflow Administration Click to open the Workflow Administration home page. Foundation on-premise