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Applies to:

  • Winshuttle Foundation

Winshuttle Workflow: Manage Background Jobs

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Use the Manage Background Jobs page:

  • Sort, review, and interact with background jobs.
  • Reset jobs to a pending state

    See Also: SVService types for a list of SVService tasks.

Managing Background Jobs

Manage background jobs screenshot

  1. Under Period, select a time period for the jobs you want to review (1 week, 1 month, etc.)
  2. Under Type, select the type of background Job, such as Mark Inactive Processes or Purge Process Data.
  3. Under Status, select the Status of jobs you want to review.
  4. Click Search to retrieve the list of jobs.
  5. In the list of Jobs, in the ID column, click the job ID to open the Job details page.

On the Job Details page, you can:

  • Review information about the job (status, start date, completion date, XML, and more).
  • Reset the jobto a Pending State by clicking the Reset Status to Pending button.