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Working with solutions

Use the Solution Tab to do things such as: 

Solution Tab overview

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See below the image for a description of each node in the Solution Pane.

Solution Pane overview

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Right-click any item in the solution pane to bring up a context-sensitive menu, which can use to edit, import, view properties, and perform other functions depending on the type of item (field, script, workflow node, etc.) that you click.

Field Packs: Field Packs enable you to streamline form creation by storing common and frequently-used form elements into a package that can be stored in a central location, shared with other form creators, and re-used in other forms. A Field Pack can contain groups, fields, rules, and data connections.

Data: All of the fields that are part of a form contained in the solution.

Form: Different form views can be attached to different activities in a workflow. For example, an IT manager might be presented a different view of a form from someone working in Helpdesk. Workflow participants see only the form details that are exposed to them.

Workflow: The workflow that is part of the solution.

Name Templates: With Name templatesyou can create a custom Name for your form. By default, the Form Name is the “<Process Name> - MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS” You can develop a custom auto-generated name and/or reference the Name Template to fields in a SharePoint Column/Form Field.

Deployment Profiles: Deployment profiles enable you to use one solution--in other words, one Web service--on multiple servers without the need to respecify destination site information. You can turn deployment profiles on and off as needed.

Data Connections: Add Connections to data sources such as SharePoint Lists, SQL databases, etc. that may be used to populate parts of a form.

Transaction | Query | Salesforce scripts: Scripts created with Winshuttle Transaction/Query. You can create a new solution with new components or you can use existing components to build a solution.

Web Services: Web Services enable you to import Web services--.wsdl (Web Service Definition Language) files with the forms you create. These services can then be triggered when a user clicks a button, loads a form, changes a field, etc.

JavaScript: Any JavaScript code for embedding JavaScript library functions, which may be used from various places within the form--for example, rules.

Custom Styles: Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) styles you have defined to further enhance and customize the look of your forms.

Winshuttle composer solution pane tree.

TIP: You can right-click an item in the Solution Pane to open its options menu.
Composer Solution Tree right-click menu example
Right-click a form element or solution part to view a list of actions.