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Winshuttle Foundation settings—Workflow Administration

The Workflow Administration page is where you can view information, configure, and administrate Winshuttle Workflow settings and features (described in the table below).

Click a link to view more information in the Workflow Admin Guide v10.8 (and later).

Logs & Reporting

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Generate graphical charts for a variety of reports, such as Site Performance Analysis.

Excel Workflow Data Dump

Define and export Workflow data to a SharePoint list as .CSV or .HTML, with the option to send a notification to 1 or more email recipients.

Log File Viewer

Configure, view, and download log files for review.


Define what to log and at what level (debug, informational, warnings, errors).

Health Monitor

View warning messages based upon configurable health criteria.


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Manage Background Jobs

View, edit, and/or delete jobs. You can also reset jobs that have experienced an error to 'pending' status.

Process Control

Manually view and approve processes. (Functionality is much the same as previous versions of Winshuttle Workflow, just with an updated user interface.)

Server Administration

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Admin Commands

The Admin Commands section provides a graphical user interface for many functions previously only available through the SVAdm tool, such as Delete Form Cache and others.

Configure Options

Add, delete, or modify Workflow configuration options such as AdhocRouterEnabled, EmailApprovalReceipt, UploadTimeout, and others.

Note: These are basically the same options configured with SVConfigurator in previous versions (10.7 and earlier) of Winshuttle Workflow.

Database Usage Status

View a visual and informational overview of the Winshuttle Workflow database.

Extend Workflow

Extend Winshuttle Workflow to another Web application/site.

Farm Configuration

Use the Farm Configuration page to view or change the following settings: Winshuttle Workflow Connection String, Database impersonation domain, Database impersonation username, SharePoint impersonation domain, SharePoint impersonation username, SharePoint impersonation password

Only SharePoint Farm Administrators can view the information displayed on the Farm Configuration page.

Front End Configuration

Configure Winshuttle Workflow for a newly added Web Front End in SharePont.


View, add, or delete Workflow licenses.


Create scheduled maintenance activities, such as:

Workflow Design Configuration

Review, add, edit, and/or delete available plugins, form controls, and participant resolvers. You can also create premade Variants for form controls.