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Upgrading / Uninstalling Winshuttle Workflow 10.6.x

The following steps assume you are a local administrator on the given servers and have elevated permissions to deploy Farm level features in SharePoint. You also need to perform several IIS resets during the upgrade process.

Upgrading to Winshuttle Workflow 10.6.x

Important: Upgrading will require IIS resets and no activity should occur against the Forms Site. The install is SharePoint and Operating System Architecture Dependent.

  1. Download the Winshuttle Workflow Process Extension Installer for SharePoint. This is provided by Winshuttle Support.
  2. Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.
  3. Run the following command: iisreset/stop
  4. Open Windows Task Scheduler, and then disable the SVService scheduled task. (It will be re-enabled at the conclusion of the upgrade).
  5. Extract the Winshuttle Workflow Installer.
  6. As an Administrator, run the Winshuttle Workflow Installer executable.
  7. In the Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor window, enter the location for saving temporary files, and then click Unzip.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select Upgrade and then complete the Installation Wizard.
  10. Click Close to exit the Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor window.
  11. Open Windows Task Scheduler, and then re-enable the SVService scheduled task.
  12. Open a command prompt with administrative privileges, and then run the following command:


    Note: When upgrading, you may also need to correct the web-bindings for Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query in the Winshuttle Server web.config file. See Configuring Winshuttle Server and Workflow for more information.

Uninstalling Winshuttle Workflow

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To uninstall Winshuttle Workflow 10.5-10.7, do the following:

  1. Open the Workflow Installer.
  2. Click Uninstall, and then complete the Installation Wizard.

    Note: By default, the removal process does not remove the Workflow database, because it may result in the loss of important data.

Removing the Workflow database

  1. Open SQL.
  2. Connect to your server.
  3. In the object explorer, expand your server.
  4. Expand the databases file.
  5. Delete the ShareVis database.