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Winshuttle Central Audits & Reports menu: Central Roles by User

Use the Central Roles by User page to view user roles by product (Winshuttle Transaction or Winshuttle Query).

Viewing roles by user

  1. From the Winshuttle Central Administration page, under Audits & Reports, click CENTRAL Roles by Users.Winshuttle Roles by User
  2. Next to Product, click the drop-arrow, and then select a product.
  3. Next to Role, click the drop arrow, and then select a role to search. For example, TRANSACTION Runners.

    To see all available roles, select the blank line at the top of the menu.

  4. Specify the user ID.
    • To see all users, leave the User ID box blank.
    • To select a specific user, click the Address Book to select a user, or type a domain name\user name, and then click Check Names  to verify.
  5. Click View Log.
  6. Click Export Log to Excel if you wish to view the log in Excel.

    (Above) A Roles by Users log example