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Creating the Winshuttle form site(s)

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About form sites

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The forms site is a site where forms are stored and from which processes are launched. Any form and workflow created in Winshuttle Composer must be deployed to a Winshuttle Forms Site.

The forms site is a custom SharePoint site template.

The Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site is also considered a forms site, but should only be used for Excel-based workflows.

Recommendation: Although you can create as many form sites as you want, Winshuttle recommends creating form sites as sub-sites of your Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site. This enables you to configure your User Governance site to be aware of the forms site, and thereby enable users to launch and manage tasks directly from the User Governance site (instead of navigating to a form site).

Creating a Form Site

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Winshuttle recommends creating a forms site based on security separation, meaning that form sites are created based upon the groups/users that need to access those forms and workflows. Users from different groups can be assigned permissions that automatically exclude content they should not be able to access.

Creating the site

  1. On the Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site, click the SharePoint gear icon in the upper left, and then click Site Contents.

Note: If you do not see the 'gear' icon, then you do not have the SharePoint permissions to create sites (i.e. Designer or Full Control). These permissions are usually granted through membership in the Owners group.

  1. On the Site Contents page, scroll to the bottom and click New Subsite.
  2. Enter a title for forms that reflects the type of forms and workflows the site will contain.
  3. Enter the URL. Ideally, the URL should closely match the title entered in step 2.
  4. Tip: Avoid using spaces in the URL. If your title is Master Data Management, then the URL should be /mdm or /master-data-management.

  5. Click the Winshuttle tab.
  6. Select Process Controlled Form Workspace.

Tips & best practices

  • Winshuttle recommends selecting Use Unique Permissions. Otherwise, owners on the Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site will automatically be owners on the Forms site (i.e. they can create forms and workflows and deploy them for users to launch). Selecting Use Unique Permissions creates three custom SharePoint groups for explicit and controlled access to the forms site.
  • Winshuttle also recommends selecting YES for Use the top link bar from the parent site. This makes it easier for users navigating to the Forms site to navigate back to the Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site.
  1. Click Create.

Setting form site permissions

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After the site is created, users must be added to groups in order to access the Form site.

  • Normal users should be added the Members group or a group that has Contribute permissions.
  • Any user that must be able to deploy forms to the form site must be in the Owners Group or a group that grants Full Control permissions.

Configuring User Governance to recognize the new form site

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After a form site is created, you will need to add the form site to Foundation Setup so tasks and forms are available on the Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site pages.

  1. On the Winshuttle Foundation User Governance site, click Settings.
  2. Click Foundation Setup.
  3. Scroll down to Winshuttle Workflow.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Under Select Forms, click in the field. It should automatically list the forms site as a selectable item. Click the new forms site.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and then click Save again.

Adding legacy web parts to the form site

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When you create a forms site, the Foundation 11.x web part is automatically included on the home page. If you need to add legacy web parts, do the following:

Note: You must have SharePoint Designer permissions (or higher) to do the following.

  1. In the Ribbon, click the Page tab.
  2. Click Edit Page.
  3. Click Add Web Part.
  4. Click Miscellaneous Category.

The three legacy web parts are:

  • Winshuttle Form Library
  • Winshuttle Process List
  • Winshuttle Task List


  • Winshuttle Workflow is the default web part included on the page.
  • Do not use the Winshuttle Form Library List Viewer. This is a deprecated web part.
  • Do not use the Winshuttle Explorer web part. This is no longer used in Foundation 11.x.

Note: The Winshuttle Workflow web part and legacy web parts are not intended to be used together. Winshuttle recommends using only legacy web parts on a page, OR using the Winshuttle Workflow web part (not both).

Legacy Site Features

On sites in a site collection hosting Winshuttle you may see the following features:

  • ShareVis Assignment Status List Feature
  • ShareVis Process Controlled Document Library Feature
  • ShareVis Process Controlled Form List Feature
  • ShareVis Process Status List Feature

These features are legacy features intended to be activated on sites hosting Winshuttle processes that were not created using the Process Controlled Form Workspace site template.

Since all forms sites now use the Process Controlled Form Workspace, these legacy features should remain disabled.