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Preparing for Winshuttle Server deployment

See below for important deployment and database compatibility information. In addition, please review System Requirements for your version of Winshuttle Server:

Installing Winshuttle Server requires local administrator access, IIS Management, and UACs (User Access Controls) to be turned off on the target machine.

In addition, it is not necessary to have a separate Winshuttle server as a test environment. One Winshuttle Server installation can be used on many CENTRAL installations. Alternatively, you may decide to create two separate Winshuttle Server instances. You may do this on separate web servers using installer, or within the same web server using Server build, as a second web site within IIS. For best performance, installing each Winshuttle Server on a separate web server is recommended.

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Important notes - please read

  • In a test environment (only), Winshuttle Server can be installed and run on the same machine as Winshuttle Central and Winshuttle Workflow.
  • In a production environment, Winshuttle Server must be installed and run on a separate machine from Winshuttle Central and Winshuttle Workflow.

Database compatibility

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Winshuttle Server currently supports the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Express with Winshuttle Query Services

    Note: If you need to load data into other databases then you can download to a text file and then import the text files into MySQL for example.

Supported Export destinations for Desktop Query

Supported Export destinations for Desktop Query with Winshuttle Server

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • XML
  • Text
  • SharePoint lists
  • Microsoft SQL/SQL Express
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • XML
  • Text
  • SharePoint lists

Installing or running Winshuttle Server 10.5-10.6.1 on a 64-bit operating system

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If you are installing or running Winshuttle Server on a 64-bit operating system, the default SAP installer may present the following error:

"Cannot access librfc32.dll "


If you are running Winshuttle Server on a 64-bit OS, the default SAP install can present this error. If you have installed SAP GUI on 64-bit OS, it automatically copies 32-bit version of librfc32.dll.

You can get both versions from the SAP Service Marketplace (logon required). More info is available from SAP Note 66971


Currently, SAP does not have a separate SAP GUI for 64-bit operating systems. However, because of the limitations mentioned in SAP note 1442028, SAP is considering creating one.

Winshuttle is legally prohibited from providing the librfc32.dll. However, Winshuttle has developed a workaround that should be performed before you install Winshuttle Server.

  1. Ensure that SAP GUI is installed on the target Winshuttle Server machine.
  2. Copy the existing librfc32.dll from the system32 folder to the syswow64 folder.
  3. Download the x64-bit version from the SAP Marketplace and replace the librfc32.dll in the system32 folder with the x64-bit version.

    Note: Check SAP Note 413708 in the SAP RFC library. The current RFC library is available from the SAP Software Distribution Center (login required).