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Field pack scope and versions

Field Packs can be shared and used as defined by their scope, which specifies what other solutions can also use the Field Pack. The scope can be any of the following:

  • SharePoint Site
  • SharePoint Site Collection
  • SharePoint Farm

    Example: If you publish a Field Pack that is scoped to a SharePoint site, then the Field Pack can be used with any solutions published on the same SharePoint site.

Updating Field Packs

Winshuttle Composer Solution Tree Field Pack Right Click Menu Screen
  1. Click the Solution Tab.
  2. In the Solution Tree window, expand Field Packs.
  3. Right-click a field pack, and then click Update.
  4. Click Yes to update the field pack.

This will update the field pack to the latest Major version. Minor version updates are automatically performed when the form is loaded.

Field pack versions: Major vs. Minor

Every time you publish a field pack, a new version of the field pack will be created much like a document as it goes through revisions, approvals, etc. Field Pack versions consist of Major versions and Minor versions, which are defined below.

When you publish a Field Pack, you will be warned as to what is changing and which solutions are referencing the Field Pack.

Major Versions

Major version updates require you to re-import the Field Pack into your solution, and include:

  • Structural changes, such as fields being added, removed, or renamed.
  • Data connection changes.

Minor versions

Minor version updates are automatically reflected in the forms that use the Field Pack, and may include:

  • Changes to all field properties other than name/type.

Note that depending on what you might have changed while editing a field pack, creating a new minor version may not be an option.

In addition, when you create a new minor version you will be presented with a dialog warning as to which solutions refer to that field pack: