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Winshuttle Composer solution overview

For workflow-based processes, Winshuttle Composer combines every component of a solution in a single file (usually called a solution or solution package) to automate an entire business process. A solution can consist of:

  • The Workflow process (start, approvals, and business logic for routing)
  • A form and multiple form views for different workflow participants
  • SAP upload/download Scripts created in Winshuttle Studio (e.g. Winshuttle Transaction scripts or Winshuttle Query scripts).

A Winshuttle Composer solution package enables you to manage the solution as a whole, so you will not need to publish and deploy individual components of a solution to multiple locations.

Deployment Profiles and multiple environments help develop solutions

Below: A Composer solution as viewed through the Composer Solution tree.

Composer Solution Example

Solution packages also include deployment profiles which describes specific environment variables such as server names, web service URLs, etc.

When you publish a solution, you simply select which deployment profile you want to use. This enables you to easily publish the same solution to different environments , and helps you create and migrate a solution through various environment as it goes through stages of development--for example, Development, Testing, Production, etc.

Using multiple environments to develop solutions

In order to put in place a solution development structure that maximizes productivity and minimizes potential bugs that reach your users, Winshuttle recommends using multiple environments .

Because form and workflow solutions generally include custom web forms and workflows, you will need a number of non-production environments for Microsoft SharePoint and Winshuttle Foundation, which includes User Governance, Winshuttle SAP Integration Server, and/or Winshuttle Workflow.

Multiple non-production environments may share the same SharePoint infrastructure. For example, both Dev and QA can be hosted by one SharePoint farm in separate site collections. Likewise, one Winshuttle Server deployment can be used for multiple non-production configurations.

For the Production environment, it is recommended to always have dedicated deployments of all server products.

Moving a forms and workflow solution from one environment (e.g. Development) to another (e.g. Production) generally requires that you:

  • Replicate and populate security groups between environments
  • Migrate supporting SharePoint lists
  • Publish the Winshuttle solution package to the environment