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Winshuttle Central Transaction menu: Manage Client Features

Use the Manage Client Features page to specify which Winshuttle Transaction options can be set by Transaction end users.

  1. Click CENTRAL Administration.
  2. Under TRANSACTION Administration, click Manage Client Features.
  3. For each feature, select Controlled by Client or Controlled by Server.
  4. For each selection, set the value to True or False. Click Update.

  • Back Up SAP Data: Automatically creates a backup copy of the current SAP data fields by opening another Excel worksheet before it runs the TRANSACTION script. This setting is useful when you want the ability to roll back the data.
  • Run Not Posted: Select this check box to ensure that the data file for the run has not been used previously. To verify this, TRANSACTION checks the TRANSACTION script for log information. (TRANSACTION stores all of the messages returned by SAP in your data file). If log information is present in the TRANSACTION script, the run stops.
  • Enable Production Server Warning on Run: If enabled, CENTRAL generates a warning every time you log on to a production server.