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Revoking or deleting licenses

  1. On the Manage Licenses page, click View by Products or View by Activation.
  2. Select a product or activation.
  3. Click Search to locate the user or users to reclaim a license from. (Or, in the Select Users box, type a domain name or user name.) Click Check Names to verify, or click Address Book to locate a name.
  4. Under Assigned Users, clear the check box for the user from whom you are revoking the license.
  5. Click Save. The user is removed from the list of Assigned Users.

Deleting expired licenses

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If a license expires, click the delete button that appears next to it to delete it from your Winshuttle Central environment.

Note that in the Audit Reports section for Winshuttle Central usage, the license will continue to be listed, but it will listed as deleted. For more information, see CENTRAL administration audit report.