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Composer user interface overview

The Winshuttle Composer user interface consists of 3 key sections:

The ribbon--the ribbon holds all the commands needed to complete a task, and it is organized into 3 tabs:

  • Solution: Use the Solution tab to get an overview of all the elements contained in a solution, such as form fields, a workflow, data connections, and more.
  • Workflow: Click the Workflow tab to design a workflow for your solution, such as a procedure for a purchasing request.
  • Form: Click the Form tab to design a custom form for your solution.

The Canvas iswhere you design your workflow or form.

The Solution pane / Properties pane is where you can view and configure the various options for your solution, workflow nodes, and form elements.The contents of the Solution Pane / P


In addition to the 3 main areas described above, click to open Composer's main menu (shown below).