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User Governance 12.0.1

Release: February, 2019

Fixed item

  • If a customer environment contains a large number of sites (>20), any upgrade process could potentially time out. To overcome this problem, codeplex wsp installation timeout has now been increased to one minute.
  • If an SAP router string is used for saving credentials, an error is not observed now on using the test connection.
  • The special character ampersand (&) is now supported for Group Login names in the SAP configuration for User Governance.

User Governance 12.0

Release: August, 2018

New features and improvements

  • To improve performance on the Manage Users page, roles have been removed from the page itself and added to the user's Details screen (accessed from the Edit User option).
  • Added a Reports Configuration page to Foundation Settings. On this page, users can enable workflow reporting and configure workflow reporting for scheduled syncing.
  • In support of the GDPR, users can now exercise their right to be forgotten against their Winshuttle account.
  • The Run Not Posted Foundation Settings Client Feature has been updated to Run Only Unprocessed, reflecting the equivalent setting in Studio.
  • Provided locking mechanism for form tasks. 
  • Foundation-defined SAP servers now support Siteminder.
  • Due to Microsoft best practices where the application pool identity should not be in the Farm Administrators group, users can no longer update the database connection string and instructions on necessary PowerShell commands are provided. Read more.

Fixed items

  • When canceling a Winshuttle process from the Foundation site, if the CancelEnabled workflow configuration key is set to false for that process list, the Cancel option will no longer be visible to non-administrative users.
  • Changing a scheduled Query script from recurring to one-time will no longer show the scheduled time as January 1st.
  • The license audit log now shows changes made by any user to Personal information or Contact information on the My Settings page.
  • Queued jobs can now be aborted. When aborted the status will move to Job Marked for Deletion and will be removed the next time SAPIS Worker is called.
  • Apostrophes no longer render as encoded values in the reports.
  • Direct Phone has been renamed to Primary Phone in License Audit logs.
  • Single quotes no longer get converted to encoded values when in the user first name field on the Policies, License audit logs, and Reporting Warehouse configuration page.
  • Usernames with apostrophes in the first name or last name no longer render incorrectly with encoded values in the Studio account tab.
  • On the Foundation Licenses screen, “User Context” has been changed to “Association ID” and reflects the Farm GUID the licenses are bound to.
  • First name values containing single quotes are no longer converted to encoded values on the Manage Licenses page.
  • First name values containing single quotes are no longer converted to encoded values on the Assign Licenses page.
  • In the Data Files library, the Select All option now selects all files.
  • Non-administrative users can no longer delete folders from the Query Data Files library.
  • Pages can now be scrolled when long lists exceed the height of the page in the Quick Links section.
  • Queries scheduled on the server now show the scheduled date and time on the Manage Scheduled Job page.
  • For French language Foundation sites, the site will now allow the Composer field in Foundation Setup to be blank.
  • Protected completed XLSM files created as part of a scheduled Query run can now be downloaded.
  • Email notifications after data file submissions will now include the Foundation URL in the email.
  • Suspended scheduled jobs now show as Suspended or Resumed.
  • Form drafts opened from User Governance that are no longer valid will no longer open the next workflow activity.
  • Exported ROI logs now show the full SAP system 3-digit client.
  • The SharePoint Audit viewer page now displays dates in dd/mm/yyyy format for UK locale users.
  • If an administrator deletes a scheduled autorun job, the original scheduler will now receive a notification.
  • A warning has been added when deleting a user, reminding the administrator to remove additional permissions from other sites.

Known issues

  • The owner of AutoRun jobs is not able to delete his or her jobs; only the user with the CAA role is able to delete those jobs.
  • If using Internet Explorer 11, some UI elements for reporting configurations may be missing. Use a different browser to avoid this issue.
  • If using French as the locale when selecting a Sync Time on the Dashboard Reporting page, colons will be visible at the end of each time interval option.
  • User Governance’s database application, which shows in Add Remove Programs, may display v11.01 even though v11.2 or v12 has been installed. The actual version can be confirmed at the lower right of the Foundation home page or by running the following SQL query against the User Governance database:
    Select [ConfigurationKey],[Value]/ From [myUserGovernanceDatabaseName].[dbo].[FarmConfiguration]/ Where ConfigurationKey = 'VERSIONNUMBER'.
  • Failed Query runs will not display a 'Run Issues' value in the usage log on the Foundation site.
  • Tasks and processes from extended web applications may not be visible on the Foundation tasks page when All Sites is selected.
  • Bulk reassignments are not currently supported from the Foundation task page.
  • Workflow tasks locked to another user will show as disabled. From the Forms site, hover over the task to see who locked the task.
  • Autorun Jobs are becoming stuck in the 'Not started' state on SP2013 NLB setup when IIS sites are stopped on one front end.