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Changing personal settings

  1. From the top menu bar, click Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, click Personal or Site.

  3. Click Edit for a section to change the information.

See below for an overview of Personal and Site settings.

Personal settings

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  • Salutation
  • Name (First, Last, Middle)
  • Suffix
  • Time Zone

Contact Information

  • Secondary Email
  • Primary Phone
  • Secondary Phone

Site Settings

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  • Company Logo
  • Department Names
  • Titles

If you are a Winshuttle Administrator, you can also edit the following settings:

SMTP settings

  • From: Email address that appears in the ‘from’ section of an email.
  • Host: Host name for the SMTP Server. For example:
  • Port: Port number the server uses to communicate to…
  • Authentication: Select None, Windows, or Specific.

LDAP settings

Note: See Finding LDAP settings if you need help finding the correct information for the following settings.

  • Server Name: Hostname of the server. Example: SEACOM-1
  • Username: The username used to connect to the LDAP site. Note: You do not need to specify domain/username, only the username.
  • Domain Name: The domain name. Example: Contoso
  • Organizational Unit: Provide only the OU information for the parent domain in the following format: DC=<domain component>. Example: DC=Main, DC=Local

    Note: You do not need to specify Organizational Unit (OU), only the Domain Component(DC).

    Example: If your domain is “Contoso.Main.Local” then the values for Domain Name and Organizational Unit for the LDAP setting would be as follows:

    • Domain Name: Contoso
    • Organizational Unit: DC=Main, DC=Local

Usage Report Settings

  • Sync usage to Winshuttle Servers (checkbox)
  • Sync Mode (Secure/Secure-Anonymous)
  • Purge exported reports every <number> of days