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Winshuttle Central 10.x release notes

Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 4

Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 4 merges the following previous hotfixes: 

  • Central 10.7 Hotfix 1 (which supports Journal Entry)
  • Central 10.7 Hotfix 2 (which is the last generally available release without Journal Entry support).

Note: Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 1 and Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 2 releases were not incremental releases, and Winshuttle Central Hotfix 4 is not generally available for Winshuttle Central customers. It should be applied only for customers who want to use Journal Entry with Winshuttle Central 10.7 and want or need the bug fixes provided in Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 2.

New Features & Improvements

  • None

Bugs fixed

  • None

Known issues

  • When reviewing a task, the reviewer user is being selected from the System Web Service Developer group instead of the Data Reviewers group.
    Workaround – Assign the appropriate group as per the group configuration. Also, it does not occur for upgrade customers but only for fresh installations.
  • The task list in Journal Entry shows one task less in the task list.
    Workaround: Add one more tasks in Journal Entry. Another way is to refer Central for task list.
  • A Journal Entry template which has been republished after being split is not correctly validated in Journal Entry Studio 9.5
  • Workaround: Re-publish the template in Journal Entry Studio 9.5 instead of 9.4
  • The Winshuttle Central Installer (10.7.4) is not showing the correct database version on fresh installation.
  • Note: This release is targeted for upgrade only and not fresh install, so not applicable

  • Workflow status is not getting retained after upgrading central from 10.7.2 HF to 10.7.4 HF
    Workaround – This is known behavior with 10.x installers and a workaround is provided here.

Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing sporadic timeouts for Winshuttle Transaction.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Test Button instead of a Run Button to be published in a production script.
  • Fixed an issue preventing access to Winshuttle Central Administration and causing the error "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object."

Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hotfix 1

New features

  • Fiscal Year for the posting to be governed from Central.
  • Journal Entry template workflow always has a “Work in Progress” state.
  • Journal Entry run logs on Central.
  • Data file workflow management has been added as a preference for Journal Entry.
  • A new preference has been introduced: Allow GUI Scripting .

Bugs fixed

  • None

Upgrading to Central 10.7 Hotfix 1

Note: There is NO direct upgrade from 10.7 GA to 10.7 HF1

Upgrading Central from 10.7 to 10.7 Hotfix 1
  1. On the server where Winshuttle Central 10.7 is installed, run the Winshuttle Central 10.7 Hofix1 installer in Repair mode.
  2. After the repair completes, the Winshuttle Central 'out of box' workflows will move to ‘no new instance‘. Change this to Allow for scripts and data file content types.
  3. Download and run thiis SQL Script (.TXT file) on the Winshuttle Central Database to add the Journal Entry logs schema to the database. Note that it adds Journal Entry and Honeywell-specific preferences.
  4. Perform an IISRESET on all Workflow front-end servers.

Winshuttle Central 10.7 FCS / GA

The following hotfixes and bug fixes have been merged into Winshuttle Central 10.7:

  • Scheduling Query jobs via Server no longer causes them to appear hung or stuck in the queue.
  • The backup feature will now backup Central scripts/files only. Backups of any SharePoint file (for example, files in the master page gallery) will not be taken.
  • SharePoint objects not getting disposed of for the Winshuttle Central administration application page has been fixed. In addition, memory leaks related to Winshuttle Central Administration have been corrected.
  • Fixed an option for saving the Siteminder URL for any SAP application server saved on the Winshuttle Central site.
  • Property Promotion when using Auto Post now works with property promotion preferences added on the Winshuttle Central site.
  • Fixed duplicate posting to SAP through Central's Autopost feature.
  • Fixed an issue where email notifications don't appear when an error occurs in an autopost request while receiving a callback from the Winshuttle Server.
  • Removed the Winshuttle Server major/minor version check for backward compatibility of Server URL of 10.6.1/10.6
  • SharePoint 2013 Experience version mode is the default for the SharePoint 2013.
  • The Export Log feature for the client log viewer now works when using SharePoint 2007 Central site and Internet Explorer 11.

Winshuttle Central 10.6.1 GA

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New features

  • None, although a utility must be run on Central 10.6 to upgrade it to Central 10.6.1 to support Server 10.6.1 and its compatibility with 10.6.1 desktop products.

Known issues

  • The Winshuttle Central upgrade utility will not update the Winshuttle Central site version number; it only updates the database version number.

Winshuttle Central 10.6

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New Features

  • Added the SNC Name of user when managing SAP Server. It is used when SSO is implemented.
  • SAP Credential Encryption is updated from 32 DES to 64 bit AES.
  • Query output can be saved to SharePoint list. While scheduling a SharePoint list type query on Server, User credentials will be provided through Account Preference.
  • Run Later (Server) can be executed for Linked Query files with Excel output.

NOTE: Please also see Winshuttle Workflow 10.6 release notes for a complete list of related release notes, known issues, and new features.

Bug Fixes

  • Scheduled query failing after Windows password change.

Known Issues

  • Central Navigation Controls as related to the SharePoint Breadcrumbs (Navigation Links) are not working for both 2010 and 2013 experience versions of SharePoint 2013.
  • Backward compatibility with client products older than version 10.5 is not supported for SharePoint 2013 (both 2010 and 2013 Experience versions).
  • A Visual upgrade for the CENTRAL site from the SharePoint 2010 Experience version to SharePoint 2013 Experience version is not supported.

Winshuttle Central 10.5 release notes

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New features

  • Support for SharePoint 2013 (only for Active Directory based claims).
  • You can now save SAP SERVER with different Client IDs
  • Single-Sign On/Enterprise Portal support

Known Issues

  • Central Navigation Controls as related to the SharePoint Breadcrumbs (Navigation Links) are not working for both 2010 and 2013 experience versions of SharePoint 2013.
  • Backward compatibility with Client products is not supported for SP2013 (both 2010 and 2013 experience versions).
  • Visual Upgrade for CENTRAL site from SP2010 experience version to SP2013 experience version is not supported.
  • SP2010 to SP2013 migration for CENTRAL 10.5: only SP2010 experience version is supported.
  • For SP2013, when tasks are opened for assignment/approval from Client, complete site page is displayed with left and top navigation panes. To avoid left navigation, admin can set his Custom Master Page from CENTRAL site.
  • CENTRAL 10.5 with SP2007 and SP2010: only Classic Mode authentication is supported.
  • CENTRAL 10.5: Not supporting SP2013 Classic Mode Web Application.
  • CENTRAL 10.5 (SP2013): Only AD Claims authentication is supported; no other claims providers are supported.
  • SP2013 (2010 Experience version) - On granting multiple permissions to a user, only one permission is granted at a time. So if we assign Transaction Developer and Query Developer permissions to a user only Transaction Developer permission is granted. Workaround is to edit permissions for that user and then multiple permissions can be granted.
  • For SP2010 to SP2013 migration, User needs to re-submit the Linked/Multi TxRs/QsQs files with different names from the TxRs/QsQs already exists in the Document library.
  • Permissions cannot be assigned to System account on SP2013 CENTRAL site.
  • Timer job feature is not by default activated after fresh CENTRAL 10.5 Non Site Definition installation on SP2013.
  • SP2013 CENTRAL installer should always be run as "Run as Administrator" option even if logged-in user is added in Administrator group.
  • Revise button not displayed for Scripts after restoring backup of SP2007 CENTRAL site on SP2010.
  • SP2013: Back-up and Restore: Domain Groups are not getting added to Policies on Destination Site and users under those Domain Groups are not assigned Licenses on Destination Machine.
  • SP2013: UI Issues: Like checkboxes in Winshuttle Server Configuration page are not properly aligned, Text on ROI data page not properly aligned, Horizontal bars are not default visible etc.
  • SP2010 to SP2013 CENTRAL Migration: Two bars displayed in ROI charts for same user for auto-post done before and after migration.
  • 'Data source null' error appears when 'Get all Pending jobs' called for files in partial run status.
  • Wizard Summary gets blank and Excel closes on submitting any Data File to CENTRAL through TRANSACTION excel Add-in on Excel 2013.
  • SP2013 [Experience version 2010]: Domain Groups IDs are shown instead of Domain Groups Names under 'Roles by User' report.
  • Firefox/Chrome Browsers: Transaction/Query Scripts cannot be directly opened by clicking on submitted files from CENTRAL site.
  • SP2010 CENTRAL to SP2013 CENTRAL Migration: Migration gets successfully completed but after migration Documents Backup feature on migrated CENTRAL site doesn’t work.
  • SP2013: After 45-60 minutes of inactivity on Job History and Manage License pages, "Input string was not in proper format" and "Index Out of range" exceptions started appearing respectively.
  • SP2010 to SP2013 CENTRAL Migration: Already set Default paths for document libraries are not preserved.
  • SP2010 CENTRAL 10.5 to SP2013 CENTRAL 10.5 Migration: 404 HTTP errors appears while completing tasks from central site, however tasks get completed successfully. 404 HTTP errors appear while clicking username link displayed for script/data-file creator/reviewer.
  • SP2007 upgraded to SP2010 migrated to SP2013 CENTRAL 10.5: SP2007 version default Master page is by default applied for a new CENTRAL Site Collection created on SP2013.
  • Cross Forest Environment: Test Connection gets failed for LDAP connection; Domain Groups won’t work.
  • SP2007 CENTRAL 10.5 upgraded to SP2010 CENTRAL 10.5: Site stops working. Workaround for the same is to remove 1 of the instance of below duplicate entries in Share-point Web Application’s Web config file:

    <add tagPrefix="asp" namespace="System.Web.UI" assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" /> 
    <jsonSerialization maxJsonLength="5000000"> 
                <add name="TermStoreGenericObjectConverter" type="Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.WebServices.TermStoreGenericObjectConverter, Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" /> 

    Note: This same workaround is required in CENTRAL 10.4 if SP2007 is upgraded to SP2010.

  • If CENTRAL 10.4 on SP2007 is upgraded to CENTRAL 10.4 SP2010 then while upgrading to CENTRAL 10.5 on SP2010 (upgraded from SP2007), user needs to take back-up of this updated web config file (duplicate entries are removed) and then restore the same in upgraded CENTRAL 10.5 environment.
  • Auto-Post through SSO is not supported in CENTRAL mode.
  • SP2010 Service Pack 2 (Beta) is not supported.
  • SP2010 Dec’12 CU is not supported.
  • Remove CENTRAL Workflows link will remove workflows only from OOB Data Files Document library. Message Displayed on clicking ‘Remove CENTRAL Workflows’ link is not correct as it indicates as if Workflows has been removed from new and existing Scripts as well