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Winshuttle Central Query menu overview

Use the Query menu to do things such as:

  • Configure Winshuttle Central for use with Winshuttle Query,
  • Create and manage Query policies and application servers
  • Define system usage levels

Query menu overview

Policies (Query) Create server policies, assign users to policies, and control server access.
Preferences (Query) Configure various options for users, such as enabling self-approvals, requiring reasons for Query script rejections, or enabling/disabling the ability to schedule Query scripts with an Excel data source.
Application Servers Add or remove SAP application servers.
System Usage Level Settings Configure Query's SAP system usage levels.
Developer Proficiency Level Settings Set a proficiency level (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) for the QUERY developer group. If you want to use more than one proficiency level, you can create custom groups and assign the chosen proficiency level.
Authorization Field Settings View, add, or delete Authorization Fields and settings.
Query Developer Scenarios Specify a proficiency level for QUERY developer groups.