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Creating a Winshuttle Composer Field Pack

  1. Click the Solution tab, and then click Edit Field Packs.

    Accept the Beta License Agreement by entering a name, email address, and then clicking Continue.

  2. On the Field Packs screen, below SharePoint site, do one of the following:
    • Type the path to a SharePoint Site.
    • Select a SharePoint site from the drop down menu.

    Note: If there are any existing field packs stored on the specified SharePoint site, they will be displayed in the list.

  3. Click Create to create a new field pack. (Or, click an existing field pack from the list if you wish to edit it.)

    Creating a field pack screenshot

  4. On the Field Pack dialog box, do the following:
    • Name: Type a name for your field pack.
    • Scope: Select the Scope (SharePoint Site, SharePoint Site Collection, or SharePoint Farm).
    • Description: Type any descriptive information you want for the field pack.
  5. In the list of fields, click a folder (such as MyFields), and then click Add to Add a Field or a Group to your Field pack. See Adding fields or groups to a Field Pack for more information.
  6. If required, click Data Connections to Add a Data Connection--such as a connection to a database or SharePoint site, for example.

  7. Click Publish.
  8. On the Publish Field Pack dialog box:
    • SharePoint Site: Type a SharePoint site URL or select the URL from the drop down menu.
    • Comment: (Optional) Type any comments
  9. Click Publish (again).