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Restoring a Winshuttle Central site from a backup

This section outlines the steps and considerations required to recover and configure a Winshuttle Central site content after restoring or migrating a site.

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Important notes
  • Your login account must have Read permissions to the backup locations
  • You can only perform one recovery or one backup operation at a time
  • Restoring from one version of Central to earlier versions is not supported
  • All the Users in ‘CreatedBy’ Column of the target Document Library should have the Contribute Role
  • All the Users in ‘Reviewer’ Column of the target Document Library should have Contribute Role

NOTE: If any user (Creator or Reviewer) of a Script(s)/Data file(s) does not have proper permission (Contribute) on the new environment then that user will be replaced by the System Account.

In-Place Recovery: All or part of the Central Site

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To perform an in-place recovery, do the following:

  1. From the Backup/Restore page click Restore (check whether or not you want to overwrite duplicate items).
  2. Enter the full restore location and file name (for example: c:\backup\
  3. Check all or part of the Central items required for recovery
  4. Schedule the job
  5. Monitor the job (this may take several seconds to several minutes) until the restore process completes.

Migrating content to SharePoint sites or farms

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The following steps can be used to apply Winshuttle Central content to separate SharePoint Sites or Farms.

NOTE: A new set of licenses will be required on the target Central site when migrating to a new Farm. You can request a new license set that matches the old environment from Winshuttle Support at

Before running the restore:

  1. On the target site, go to Central Administration.
  2. Click Remove CENTRAL Workflow.
  3. Ensure that all CENTRAL users have "Contribute" rights to the target site
  4. Restore "Roles" and "Licenses" to the target site
  5. Restore "Documents" and any remaining components to the target site
  6. Test any approved, production scripts to complete the migration steps

    Note: If you have Winshuttle Transaction, Query, or custom Winshuttle Central document libraries, you'll also need to manually remove the workflows from the content types (Shuttlefiledoc,Metainfoshuttlefiledoc,datafiledoc,Queryfiledoc and metainfoqueryfiledoc) from all Winshuttle Central document libraries.